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Green Fees

Register your guests and pay green fees at the bar of the clubhouse before playing. 

Valid driver's license needed for cart rental.

  • 18 holes with a cart $45

  • 9 holes with a cart $30

  • 18 holes walking $30

  • 9 holes walking $20

  • Play all day with a cart $65

  • 7 day play $80 (cart not included)

*Guests playing with a member in the same group will receive a special discounted rate. Daily and weekly rate remain the same. 

Reserved Time

April 1st - October 1st

Men's Day - Wednesday after 12:00 noon

Ladies' Night - Thursday evening (course is open)

Children under 14 may not play at the following times unless accompanied by an adult:

  • Monday - 4pm to 7pm

  • Tuesday - Before 12pm & after 5pm

  • Wednesday - After 12pm

  • Friday - After 5pm

  • Saturday & Sunday - 12pm to 5pm

General Course Rules

  • All rounds must start from number one tee, unless permission is received from the clubhouse. 

  • No practice balls will be shot on the course proper. 

  • No practice chip shots or practice putting is allowed on regular greens at any time. 

  • Keep carts 15 feet from all tees and 30 feet from all greens. Obey all directional cart signs. Violation could result in suspension, monetary fines, or other penalties determined by the Board of Directors. 

  • Rental carts are designed for two riders and two sets of clubs only. Violations will result in loss of cart use and forfeiture of rental fees. 

  • No snowmobiles or sleds allowed on the course at any time. 

  • Do not put bags on greens or tees. Wear appropriate shoes on greens. 

  • Each member of a group must have their own set of clubs, no sharing clubs from the same bag. 

  • Repair all divots and ball marks. 

  • No metal spikes allowed. 

  • Please replace all divots and ball marks. 

  • Dress code: Shirt and Shorts/Pants at all times.

  • No sunflower seeds on tee box or green.

Thanks! - Grounds and Greens Committe

Residents of Clarinda School District or Clarinda mailing addresses are prohibited as guests unless they are prospective members. Two visits by any prospective members are sufficient for them to make a decision. A visit is considered to be regular daily play and club functions other than an open tournament. Current members are urged to bring family, friends, and neighbors for member recruiting. 

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