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Open Daily

Hours vary between seasons, please call ahead to verify current hours. 

All liquor consumed on the premises must be purchased from the club bar. For the convenience of groups or parties that desire to do their own mixing and serving, liquor must be purchased by the bottle, and service, ice, and mix will be furnished by the club. Special prices shall be posted by the House Committee. All liquor and beer consumed on the course must also be purchased from the Club Bar. Any beer purchased at a discount, six-pack price must be consumed on the course.


Arrangements for any meeting, dinner or social gathering must be made by written request to the Club Manager. Forms are available at the club. Payment is required to reserve a date. Scheduled club functions will have precedence.


Be ready with an answer when you are called by a committee. Your affirmative answer is a reservation for that meal. A "maybe" answer will be a "NO." Each member must pay his share when a reservation is made for any club function. Reservations may be cancelled not later than noon of the preceding day. Failure to cancel before the proper time-the committee shall be responsible for collection of such.

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